Star Wars & Basketball {Brunch Episode}

Star Wars & Basketball { Brunch Episode}

This galactic brunch adventure was styled to perfection by Dona Beglarian of Celebrating Life By Dona. An awesome morning experince for guests to enjoy Star Wars confections, on-site French crepes, Macchiato’s and several rounds of Padawan fun, mixed in with free throw shootouts and hoops of fun.

Upon arrival, guests feasted on the glorious 40-foot show stopping tablescape, draped in Star Wars confections and brunch items, including an on-site French Crepe station, Cappucino and Macchiato stations, a custom hot chocolate station for the kids and many other treats and sweets from the fabulous Bon Cafetit. Bon Cafetit even prepared a giant Star Wars and Basketball themed oversized crepe instead of a brthday cake, that all the kids got to participate in adorning with sugar treats and whipped cream, before the birthday blowout.

The venue was encased in galatic balloons to house the padawans as they battled Kilo Ren and Darth Vader. All the little jedi’s were robed for combat to unleash the full power of their lightsabers. Interactive R2D2 set the stage for much fun and a cool hologram lit up the battlegrounds.

The guests also enjoyed special themed crafts, play dough fun and glitter face paint with Princess Leia and Kilo Ren, while basketball games and a free throw contest ensued at the same time. Brunch was capped off with healthy pints of ice cream and ice cream push pops in various custom flavors from ‘The Mother of All Ice Creams’.

A fun interactive photobooth tied the whole party together with various custom props to bring the theme to life.

To top off the day, in lieu of traditional party favors, the host made a donation to the Lakers Youth Foundation.

Photos {Ara Images |}

Catering  {Bon Cafetit |}

Ice Cream {The Mother of All Ice Creams}

{DIY} Halloween Oreo Witches Hats


Here’s a simple Halloween DIY treat to make & take along to a Halloween party. Fun to assemble and in the spirit of Halloween, all you really need are a couple little ingredients.



Package of Oreos ~ Wilton’s Pumpkin Spice Frosting Gel ~ Hersey’s Kisses ~ Green Skull Candy Sprinkles


  1. Line up Oreos on your serving tray, making sure that you have one Hershey’s Kiss per Oreo sandwich. For school functions or potlucks, you may opt to use a disposable tray or plate to create these beauties on.


2. Now you are ready to apply the frosting pen which will act as the glue for the layers to be affixed onto the Oreo sandwiches. My fool proof method is to first make a circular border in the center of the sandwich, before filling in the circle completely with gel frosting. I found the perfect colored gel frosting from Wilton in the flavor of Pumpkin Spice, so I opted to use that as my glue.

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3. Once the glue is in place, you may unwrap each Hershey’s Kiss from its foil packaging and press directly into the gel. The gel should ooze a bit beyond the circumference of the chocolate kiss so that it creates a cute orange border around it, to emulate the ribbon on a witch’s hat.

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4. As a final embellishment to our adorable witch’s hats, you may place green confetti sprinkle candies at the front of the hats. Much like the chocolate kisses, you can simply push a single sprinkle into the front portion of the sandwich cookie, making sure that the base of it is sitting in the gel base and it is nicely leaning up against the Hershey’s kiss at a slight angle.

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Icy Limonana Tutorial


Here’s a summer refresher sure to cool you down and wow a crowd under the sizzling sun! It’s called an Icy Limonana and here’s how to put it together.



Magic Bullet

2 Lemons

2 Bunches Fresh Mint Leaves

1 Cup Crushed Ice

4 Tablespoons Mint Extract {OR substitute with 2 tablespoons of Sekanjabin:: Middle Eastern mint syrup}

Course Sugar Crystals for the rim

1/2 cup water


1. Begin by measuring out your Mint Extract or Mint Sekanjabin, which is a Middle Eastern Mint Syrup. I opted for Mint Sekanjabin for a sweeter end result, but both options are excellent. Then pour your Mint solution into the basin of your Magic Bullet.

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2. Next, you will need to measure out your ice and add it to the Magic Bullet basin with the Mint syrup layer already in there. You will begin to see the visible layers to the Limonana begin to take shape.

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3. Now you will need to continue building the layers for your Icy Limonana. Insert your fresh mint leaves into the Magic Bullet basin. Add water atop to your mixture to allow for easier mixing once you run the Magic Bullet. You may use a cocktail muddler to help you push down the leaves into the mixture in order to make room for more layers to your masterpiece summer drink.

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4. Once all the mint leaves are in, you will need to splash the mixture with fresh squeezed lemon juice.

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5. Place the top of the Magic Bullet on the basin and secure it by screwing it in place. Once all is secured, place the container directly onto the Magic Bullet and run it to mix all the ingredients into an icy cocktail consistency. If the mixture seems too thick, you can always add more water.

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6. To serve, you can pour directly into glasses of your choice. I prefer to dress up my Icy Limonana’s with a little sugar rimming the top of my glasses. To rim with sugar, all you need to do is pour out a bit of course crystallized sugar into a flat plate wide enough to cover the top of your glass. Then rub one of the lemons you used in the cocktail over the rim of the glass to moisten it, so the sugar will stick. Once the rim is moist, invert the glass onto the sugar. Then, pour your drink into your dressed up glass an enjoy!

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How to Craft a Custom Party Backdrop Sign


Let me teach you how to create a showstopper showcase backdrop sign to anchor your party display and add a flair of custom magic. You can choose to center this custom party backdrop sign to the back wall of your tablescape, above the cake and sweets, or maybe even consider dressing your front entryway to set the tone of the party.


decorative wood backed frame ~ decoupage glue and sealer ~ printed images to be affixed

wide tip sponge brushes ~ kids waterproof paint ~ decorative trim (theme specific)

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Begin by centering your main printed image/quote at the center of the wooden frame and glue it down.

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Once your main image is attached to the frame, the fun crafting can begin. I recommend taking your sponge and desired paint color of choice that suits your image design and blotting the paint down into the wood of the frame, leaving the center image in tact. Be careful not to cover the main central image with paint, but do try to get close so that visible borders between the sheet that you glued down and the wooden frame are not visible. The blotting method works great here to build the color on, rather than smearing paint all over the place.

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Begin cutting out the printed images you wish to incorporate into your design and set them aside.

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Continue cutting out the rest of the images you wish to use in decorating and personalizing your custom sign.

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Now loosely arrange your images onto the frame to find a formation that suits your desired look. Once you are happy with the location of the images, you are ready to begin gluing and sealing.


I recommend Martha Stewart Crafts brand decoupage glue and sealer, which is non toxic and acid-free. It comes with a built in brush applicator. Using this applicator with glue on its tips, begin swiping the glue right over all the pre-cut images and all over the frame. Be mindful to hold down a bit where the edge of the paper may seem like its lifting to give the glue a chance to bond to the wood. Generally, I prefer to do this in two stages. The first coat adheres and the second coat dries clear, for a beautiful flush look.


As a final detail, you may embellish your crafted sign with decorative trim of choice. Trim may be anything your heart desires to fit within your theme, from ribbons and buttons, to stickers and glitter. The possibilities are endless.

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Voila! A One of a Kind Custom Party Backdrop Sign


{Hack} How to Make Red Rosewater Flavored Sugar Cubes


Make any Tea Party an affair to remember with these adorable delicate afternoon delights.

These flavored Red Rosewater Sugar Cubes are the absolute perfect sweet addition to any cup of tea, infusing its sweet rosewater aroma into any steep of tea leaves. In a few simple steps, you can create your very own custom sugar cubes, both colored and flavored to best suit your tea party to WOW your guests.


sugar cubes ~ red food coloring ~ rosewater extract ~ water spray ~ water ~ paper towel



First, you will need to spread your store-bought square sugar cubes out onto a white paper towel.


Next, you will need to add a few ingredients to your spray bottle. Begin with water, to that you will add two drops of red food coloring, followed by one capful of Sadaf brand Rosewater extract. Screw the top of the spray back on and combine all three by gently swirling the bottle around.

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Now you are ready to begin your spraying process to color and flavor the sugar cubes simultaneously. Hold your spray bottle about 6 inches above the sugar cubes spread out on the paper towel and begin spraying until desired depth of color is achieved. Without touching the sugar cubes, gently move the napkin around to flip over the sugar cubes on all four sides, as you continue to spray, in order to cover all sides with the red dye mixture. Be mindful not to overly saturate the sugar cubes as you want to avoid dissolution and loss of cubic shape.

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The final step is to set aside and let these beauties air dry.

Bon Apetit!


Sunshine & Grey Skies Christening for Three

A delightful modern spin on a traditionally rustic theme, this ‘Sunshine and Grey Skies’ Christening of three was everything. From succulent green apples and tender bright yellow hues, to the smell of the sunflowers that filled the ultra-modern venue at Vertigo, every aspect of this well-thought out theme was executed to its maximum potential, driving the theme home!

The Cathedral was filled with beautiful displays of candles and ornate Armenian elements for a traditional church baptism.

The venue greeted guests with a large standing balloon tree full of balloon sunflowers that stood 9-ft tall. It also doubled as a welcome to the children’s play room area, where they enjoyed entertainment, crafts and activities throughout the night.

The children also had many other special touches to make them feel welcome and to enjoy themselves from a specialty Kids Lemonade, to an entire private eating room tablescape setup, to personalized cookies from Sweet Haven Treats,

The cocktail hour entailed more specialty drinks, traditional Armenian cognac and many delicious delicacies.

During the reception, various displays of tablescapes adorned the ballroom, from intimate rounds to 30-ft long tables dressed with standing sunflower topiaries. Chandeliers were the icing on the cake and the desserts station with custom tabletops created specifically for this event shone bright. A cute party favor display with caramel apples and personalized sunflower seed packets with the message “Harvesting Happy Souls” was a sweet takeaway.

Event Styled By Celebrating Life By Dona
Photos Courtesy of Hilma Photography
Vertigo Event Venue
Sweet Haven Treats

This Weekend’s Fun Little Carnival Big Top First Birthday

A sweet look at this weekend’s fun little Carnival Big Top first birthday.

Mermaids, Ariel & Under the Sea Parties

One of my absolute favorites, Princess Ariel and Mermaid parties are always an absolute delight to pull together for a stunning Under the Sea Adventure. The blue and sea-foam green color palette lends itself well to most color compliments. So, if your little princess is a fan of pink, or red or yellow, you can easily mold the party to meet her Royal Highness’s needs.


The Centerpieces

Florals are a must for this theme, as all princesses require beautiful fragrant buds and blooms. You may incorporate appropriate color specific vases to tie into your theme or add on accessories as a throwback to the sea. I love creating handmade unique sea mermaid tails with glittered scales to stick straight up from the arrangement, as if the mermaid is taking a dive into the blooms. I also love using clusters of roses interspersed with balloon bouquets in between.

The Sweets

Sweets for this event are key to bringing the theme to life. You can be creative with the cake, cupcakes, candy and chocolate selections, choosing color-coordinated treats to match the blue and green hues, as well as including shelled-looking options for a more literal themed conceptualization. The cake may be a any number of designs- a tiered fancy with yet another mermaid tail, or ombre’ scales on the outside, or a simple round with some of your daughter’s very own figurines- it all really depends on your guest count and how elaborate of decorations you wish to include. Or you may choose to forgo a cake altogether for a cupcake tower instead!

The Accessories

The accessories are really how you customize your event to bring out your personal unique elements. I always try to incorporate specific wishes of the Princess-of-Honor, sometimes using her own purses, figurines, pictures in frames. I also try to make use of simple tokens that represent the theme at hand. A typical mermaid or under the sea party will include, water-like linens, blue vases or aqua platters, sea-foam cake stands, sea shells, crab props and pictures, sand, goldfish, and so on…

Have a wave of a time planning your own sea mermaid adventure!

How to Make a Rustic Setting Chic | Photography by


I recently had the pleasure of working with this adorable young couple in love to style their engagement party at The Villa in Woodland Hills, California. The venue featured a beautiful rustic backdrop for me to work my magic and it was quite fun making this Rustic Chic Vision come to life.

Some of the elements you will need to consider in re-creating your own rustic chic event are the following:


The design of florals must be in keeping with the overall party color scheme. I recommend the selection feature more earthy garden-type flowers in their natural state. Sunflowers and Lavender are two of the types of flowers I used in this particular design, partially because to me, this is a classic rustic combination, not to mention, they were some of the bride-to-be’s favorites.


Candles are often ignored or underused so to say in awakening a party and breathing life into it. Candles are the fancy crystal studded sash added to a wedding dress- without the expensive price-tag… they’re beautiful on their own, but add a certain je ne sais quoi- a warmth that no other element can fill.

There’s so many types, styles, colors, scents and styles of candles that the combinations used can sometimes make all the difference in a party or a theme. Sometimes one type or style works better on its own, other times variations work best playing off one another. You may consider a uniform spread out look to create an overall ambiance, or choose to cluster and create impact. For this rustic chic look, I opted for simple floating candles in shiny glass vases, because I wanted to use the slight opportunity to bring sparkle to an overall cottage-y setting. The varying heights of cylindrical glasses with lit floating candles worked stunning against the unfinished barn crates. Also, given the smaller venue size, I opted for a cluster of candles to drive home the theme and command attention to the focal piece- the gorgeous NAKED CAKE!


Linen selections are often pivotal in creating a theme and rustic elegance is no exception. What is important for this chic barn-like look to make sense is the attention given to texture in linen options. Generally, this type of theme requires a textured, refined burlap linen, which is the ideal combination of rugged fabric woven into a format of timeless versatility.  Moreover, the fine china plated onto such a textured buttery material really illuminated the entire space beautifully.


I generally like to throw in a few unique furniture pieces into the mix to add my special stamps to the design. This event was no exception with the beautiful natural wooden block  farm tables- no linens here! The table was commanding without any fuss, just family style plating with cute florals arranged in none other than MILK BOTTLES. It worked perfectly!

Hope this helps you bring your special event to life. I welcome your thoughts and comments on how to achieve rustic elegance.

– Dona

How to Setup a Sports Theme Party | Boy or Girl



When you’re looking to design a sports party for your little athlete, it really doesn’t matter if the guest of honor is a boy or girl. You will focus more on the sport of choice and the color scheme that is predominant for that sport or opt for favored team colors.

Typically, athletic events are chalk full of fervent bright color schemes to rev team spirit. Boy sports parties typically range from football, basketball, soccer, baseball or golf parties, while girl sports party options include ballet, dance, cheer or gymnastics themes. As long as you remember to stick to the color scheme and keep things clean and streamlined, your little athlete will be super-amped for his/her sports debut!

Here’s the planning process:


Food options should reflect what is customary for game day, from snack selections to sports drinks. Sports venues and stadiums typically offer hot dogs, shakes, chips, hoagies and sandwiches. Some fun side snacks are jerky, peanuts, cotton candy and sunflower seeds. Drink options involve the same thought process- its always fun to incorporate sports energy drinks and custom labels onto water bottles or on Powerade bottles.


Showcasing sports memorabilia at a sports party kicks off the party to a fabulous start, because it brings an air of athletic accomplishment and weight to the event. Depending on the sport of choice, you could feature speciality uniform components, shin guards, cleats, baseball bats and gloves, showcase trophies, selections of trophies, wands and batons, point toe shoes, golf glubs, tennis rackets, various balls, etc. Always remember to carve out a unique space for this showcase piece, so that it stands out and acts as part of your decor.


A sports party screams for fun and unique sporty decorations, including balloons and flowers. Essentially, showstopping pieces to compliment a cool showstopping venue selection or location. Floral arrangements are not just for girls, so explore the possibility for your little All-Star.

Enjoy your little athlete and do reach out to me with ideas of your own sports extravaganza!